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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Busy day today. Off with Gail at 7:30 for her chiropractic therapy and then breakfast. Dropped by Walmart for some stuff for Gail. While waiting had my BP checked at the free chair near the pharmacy... lookin' good. Gail check hers a few minutes after... not so good 165/90... I believe... not so good at all. Need to nip this in the bud quick!!!

Went to a few Hospice 2nd hand shops to do our "bargain" hunting. Nearly picked up a used external CDR for $5 USD... but hey, I could probably pick one up new for that much nowadays AND get the installation CD with it. Found a great deal at the second shop, brand spankin' new Levi's, in my size ( size MOOSE ), with all original tags on and everything for only $8 USD. They've got to be at least $30 USD at the Big and Tall stores I've frequented !!!

Did the e-mail thing... nothing from the family. "Sponge Bob Square Pants" on TV until "Call For Help" comes on. Did a quickie Scan and Defragged and checked AVG's updates ( none ) while watching Leo and Cat and roger. Entertaining, but for the life of me I can't remember a segment... except the dude that won the daily tech quiz was a computer repair guy and was asked what device an IDE cable would connect to: hard drive, mouse, something. For all his hard work, he won one of Leo's 2003 Almanacs. The answer, of course, was hard drive. Oh yeah ! the web quiz had something to do with "what version of windows was the first to use the registers, or some such: Win 3.1,Win95,NT, or some goofy answer". I made an educated guess and got that right ( Win 95 ). I still have a Win 3.1 and Win 95 computer ( amongst others ) and should have known that cold. Will I ever win a tee shirt ??? Actually no I won't... they don't make them big enough for me... maybe give it to Gail or Chrissy or Richard or ... if I ever win.

Missed "The Screen Savers" show. Maybe I can catch the rerun in the a.m. Was out looking at a truck that I desperately need. Needs lots of work, but my nephew is confident he can get it purring and all reliable like. It's an '85 or '86 Mitsubishi, black, 4WD, long bed for $300 USD. A lot of money these days for me, but I can't pour my money into my Dad's old car when I need to be able to get hay for the bloody horses, and, in general, haul "stuff" around. Put $50
USD down with the balance in EASY payments. We'll see how big a hit California gives me when it comes to paperwork et al.

Saw a shooting star tonight !!! Reminds me of when I woke up my grandson in the wee hours during the last really big meteor shower ( Nov 2001 ? ) and we watched hundreds of shooting stars in an hour. Need to go out tonight and catch Mars in its glory... beautiful clear skies up here in the Gold Country tonite... and to think it was raining in the a.m.. The day actually cleared up to get up into the 90's ( Fahrenheit ) today. STARS !!!... you can really see the stars from here.

Ad astra per aspera... good night !

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