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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Grüß Gott in Himmel !!! It's 1:30 am PDT already ! I've been Googling like crazy to get a figurine appraised. It was from my Father's estate ( such as it was ) and is a Golfer kneeling and lining up a put with his putter used as a cue... but not a "Frykman" piece... similar, but less coarse... at least art-wise. The piece must have had a label on it at one time, the remnants are apparent, but the only manufacturer's mark is: XU1470 . I saw a similar art styled piece that may have been by "Lefton" on EBay. My eyes are blurred and quasi-focused from the exhaustive search.

Gail is still having pains in her chest and some indigestion and the "sweats". Her heart has been pounding so hard she can hear it sometimes. Dunno... if this continues tomorrow I'll have to wrestle with her to get to the emergency admitting at Marshall's Hospital or at least have the Fire Dept. EMT's take a look at her... or something. Her dad is also having chest pains, still, and won't see a doctor... hell, his practitioner lives next door... well, just the other side of the east pasture anyway, damn stubborn son-a-guns ! Gail has no medical insurance, but Larry has no excuse !

Was cleaning up my storage junk in the "blue" barn and found more stuff to sell on EBay. A bunch of Caribou Mountaineering items I purchased years ago at the employee sales. Fanny packs, a soft sided brief, bunch of map holders, and some fanny packs, and one bright pink ski cover. I haven't sold anything on EBay yet, and only made one purchase... mostly for the experience, and have one bid out now for the minimum $1 USD. It's kinda' cool. I received my first rating and was given an A++++++ by the seller... cool !! Anyone want to buy a whole bunch of OLD Apple stuff... Mac and pre-Mac ??? - To EBay it will go !!!!!!! Books... maybe they'll go for $0 USD if the buyer pays shipping just to be rid of them.

Watered my trees... pine, cedar, oak, plum, and apple; also the lilacs and periwinkles and lawn and everything else that didn't move, including one kitty cat by accident. My two house kitties are curled up waiting for me to go to bed. One, Figaro, always curls up by my legs when I go to bed, and never bothers me a wit. Taffy, AKA Taffy-doodles, protects the cat food at night.

Groan... it's 2:15 am PDT... I gotta' use that Mavis somebody's typing CD to learn to type faster !

E-mailed the family my Father's bio to get corrections/additions ( ad nauseum ) done. STILL need to send out the CD's I made of all the digital photos I've taken over the past 2-3 years and the research papers prepared for me by Sara Burkhalter about my Great Uncle Zack and Grand Aunt Ada of Anchorage, Alaska. Edited two pictures and started a new album at my _family website at SmartGroups in the U.K. Cropped my Father of his cigarettes and adjusted his gamma and RGB, and adjusted the gamma and RGB on my Grandfather in his WWII uniform using IrfanView, only, to edit. The images aren't as dark and are more aesthetically pleasing now... if I do say so myself.

Added ( 4 ) pics to my brother Robin's Photo album of his backyard project... waterfall and pond dug out of hard-pan. Did only a little more editing on my revamped website... still lots to go though. Mostly more photo editing and linking ( href ) left to do. I'm pretty happy about the content, and Lord knows I have enough links to keep me surfing where I need to. Still want to make my background picture into an image map... decisions, decisions. That leaves me with a very late BLOGGING session...

Thank y'all for dropping by, as my imaginary psychiatrist, Dr. Liebschitz, would say.

Sans souci ?... mais non !!!


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