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Friday, August 29, 2003

I haven't crept up from the abyss yet... heart still heavy.

Went with Gail today, all day. First stop I surprised her with a quick trip into Rite Aid drug store to check her BP. It was normal ! Gail did sleep much better, last night, as did I. I did the driving to, and she did the driving fro. Picked up Ashley from the daycare center about 4:30 PDT, fed the horses ( I think someone already fed them, but an extra flake will do them some good ).

After that I started pounding away on the revamp work on the website. Concentrated on the slide-shows and picture gallery. I think I got the bugs out of the moving .gif slide-shows ( I had inadvertently made the first batch with the images to be transparent )... they look fine in MY browser. Also added the Java Script slide-show to run independently in the same window while the .gif slide-shows are selected and show up in a separate window using the TARGET="blank" tag routine after designating the "href" location.

I'm using the website that still resides only in my C: drive as an Active Desktop. Makes browsing the web much more to my liking with all the links I use so handily available... and... with the ambiance of the surf playing looped ad infinitum from a .wav ( get it !!! ) file I can call up. The fun part will be when I edit those same "href" locations from my C: drive to the proper folders when I FTP the website !!! Wasn't too hard last time, a few broken links and dead routines, but nothing to worry about.

Midnight already ! Been on this 'puter for the better part of 7 hours and it seems like much less. Did get a spam e-mail from my sister Debi. Something about girlfriends ¿ with a graphic that choked in the server; and send this e-mail to all and sundry or your belly button will fill up with lint or something. Always good to get an honest original thought... I'm glad she thought of me. Surprised she has time to e-mail at all with her husband ill. Sent her a note back wishing her family well, and hey ! read more about me, me, me, in my BLOG.

oops ! forgot to turn the sprinkler off and take my decongestant/allergy stuff... good night.

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