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Sunday, August 24, 2003

I woke up this morning... thank God !

Had a relatively good sleep ( dogs,cats,Gail,kids not withstanding ). Got up when my back couldn't take it anymore. Watched the news, made coffee and breakfast of (4) eggs and some left-over steak and ate what was left of a portion of sautéd mushrooms. Watched the better part of "12 Monkeys", a sci-fi movie I can never get enough of, starring Bruce Willis . The genre has fascinated me for years. I may have read every story of Time Travel ever written... I hope not. "Slaughter House 5" ( or "Slachthause Funf" ) was brought to mind, memorable in that I had a "crush" of the major kind on a certain blonde female protagonist for years.

Turned the 80's music channel on DSS TV and started my e-mail regimen and found this BLOGGER thing proselytized at TechTv from one of their daily e-mails I subscribe to. Hey ! the spell checker in IE works !!!... wasn't too sure of "proselytized" spelling... good thing I checked !!! Been thinkin' of starting one of these things, since I need to get my prattling done somehow without flooding the family with vexatious platitudes. SO TODAY'S THE DAY !!!

Hopefully the HTML will work... be a good place to practice.

Well , time to go... someone wants to use the phone and there's only one phone line ! C'est la vie... à bête noire !!!

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