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Friday, August 29, 2003

A short excerpt from an email I sent to Debi and family:

... "If it's the BLOG you've seen, let me know what you think of it. I look at it as a diary that can be viewed by the world... ( or not if you choose to keep IT private ). I elected to publish to everyone... sometimes wearing my heart on my sleeve... sometimes being overbearing and smug... and sometimes an ass... which is : WHO I AM. It's cathartic for me to write in this medium... it stokes the ego and humbles the soul. It allows me to be creative and feel a part ( as opposed to apart ) of a greater community... not lost in this poor shell of a wasted intellect."

'Nuf said about that.

Tired is the word for today... only 5 hours sleep for me and less for Gail. Her BP was normal when we tested at the Rite Aid store, but she's still complaining of chest aches and has indigestion. Then we learned her Father was feeling out of sorts ( smoker: won't see a doctor ).

Some good news... my daughter has most likely sold her small mobile home she and her husband and two children have been living in for the past 4-5 months here on the property. They may move in with us for a while, though, until they can settle into their new bigger home they hope to put here. Going to be quite close, with the six of us in our little place. Already hearing rumblings about my computer room/office/sanctum sanctorum becoming a storage facility for them... I don't think so ! I've already stuffed any and everything I have in here for storage along with all my orphaned computers and two desks and treadmill that doesn't work and weight bench I haven't used yet and...

Talked to my Mom tonight. It has been suggested ( by me and/or Mom ) I visit her in Alaska while the "crush" is on. I really hope I can... I haven't seen Mom in (2) years, and it would make for less a clash of egos and space and tempers... I, the worst offender. Also, I've never been to Alaska - home to many in my family in the past. Problem is, Gail won't have me to help her out, and she'll be outnumbered 4:1 !

Off to bed... good night !

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