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Monday, August 25, 2003

Woke up late ! Gail and her stupid dog "Poop" ( actually "Maddie" ) kept me awake all night. Why "poop" ? you ask... the first day she arrive home from S. Dakota she pooped in my office. She and "Sassy" one of Gail's older dogs are often kept on our deck... the Poop Deck as I refer to it. "Poop" is the de-facto name since the grandkids and I, even Gail most of the time, call her thus.

Registered my own Domain name: at All other types: .com, .us, .biz, etc. are all still available too ! Guess they'll just sit there until I come up with a reason to use them.

Ashley's been with Gail today while David is in 1st grade and Mom and Dad work. The TV's all "Sponge Bob Squarepants" and "Dora the Explorer" and ilk. "Are you ready kids ? Aye aye Captain !!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ? Sponge Bob Squarepants !!!!" I almost know the entire song by heart. Gail left Ashley with a chocolate pudding cup, by herself, and the 2 year old didn't disappoint. A complete bathing ensued. I took pictures, pre-bath, of course. E-mails with attachments to the family to follow.

A little more work on revamping the website. Still thinkin' of content and links. Since I'll be the only person using/viewing the site... unless I put EBay pictures on there, and maybe family, it will be mostly stuff I peruse on the web and pictures. Reference and news and web and tech content, as well as a huge section on Access and Assistive Technology... something I've been contributing to on Tech Tv's message board... on occasion, and have amassed copious web linkage on.

Turkey sandwiches... mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm. Made two for me and one for Gail, glass of milk, and I'm sated for the rest of the day !!! But there's still one small turkey leg left... maybe a little snack before bedtime.

Nothing exciting in the e-mail today, an earthquake bulletin( or two ), my TechTv and Gnome newsletters, nothing from the family. I'll inform them of the BLOG when I email them... have to download Ashley's images from the camera and edit and resize, with IrfanView first, though.



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