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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Actually this is a test. I've been trying to edit the BLOG template without creating too much havoc. Had it "goober-ed up" pretty good for a while. Thank God for saving the old format. I'm trying to insert an image... actually an animated gif. It seemed to work once before the editing got out of hand. I'll have to cross my fingers...

The usual loud banter at dinner with deep fried chicken wings and salad, al fresco. Still rather hot out... and to think a storm is supposed to be brewing. Lots of bugs out ! Gail was stricken by a flying praying mantis, and ran for cover... screaming. I like the mantids and used to play with them as a child in Stockton. Luckily, Chrissy, my daughter managed to shoo the poor thing into a nearby bushy plant so as not to be squashed by the others.

O.K. - holding my breathe to see if the formatting took... back anon !

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