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Monday, September 15, 2003

Already a rather dubious start to the day. David, my 6-year old grandson was hit in the face with a soccer ball at school and has loosened a tooth, more. The nurse has applied an ice pack to alleviate the blood and swelling. He'll be sore but o.k.

David's father, Richard, almost "blacked out" while driving his company truck, avoiding an accident... Chrissy, my daughter, his wife, is haranging him to get a battery of tests at Kaiser Hospital... NOW. She has just left to pick him up, after calling her supervisor and making arrangements to be at work later.

On a more positive note... Greg, my nephew, is going to bring my truck ( crossing fingers ) over today. It may be towed... but at least I can get the repairs started and supervised.

Watched the 9 a.m. PDT Friday rerun of the Screen Savers/TechTv as well as the special TechTv ran on the RIAA/Music sharing debate. Rather heady stuff. I don't condone the idea of "File Swapping" but can see how enticing the opportunity would be. By the by, I just downloaded an MP3 tool for windows... MP3-Info Extension suggested by a contributor to TechTv's message boards Rhema7, Preston, a prolific writer to the forums... and one I respect highly, for adding lyrics to your LEGAL MP3 collection.

Right now I'm checking the boards and writing this BLOG in NotePad during the deadspots ( waiting for the web )... only 5-minutes to "Call For Help" - best change the channel from ESPM to TechTv. Already finished the online CFH quiz. Brett's leaving for WCBS, NY ? - say it ain't so, Joe ! Another bright personality of TechTv off to bigger and better things.

Have the '80's music station on DSS. Gail's off to the hospital where Richard is being tested... .

Schwartzenegger on Oprah / Ex-President Clinton stumping for Governor Davis / and now a CA court delaying the CA recall election... with an appeal already mounted against it. Time to move...

Chrissy just called about Richard... meningitis or some other brain infection is suspected... an uncertain future and no life insurance has her terrified... and me praying. A brain scan, I believe, is being administered. My first reaction when I heard this was West Nile virus, but there have been no outbreaks in our area to date, that I know of. There are over 3000 cases US wide if I recall correctly. Time to go to Google News: California +"west nile virus" for an update...

Dear God, protect us, all.

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