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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Did the e-mail thing... rec'd a note from my brother in the Seattle area. He's been going gangbusters working on his backyard... pond and waterfall. More stuff from TechTv and the "Gnome". Downloaded a utility to eliminate duplicate files... I've plenty. Squatted on the TechTv message boards for amusement and education for quite a while.

The weather here is pretty strange... o'cast with a few sprinkles, nice little breeze coming through the window. Think I'll go putter 'round the place outside for some air in a bit.

David, my grandson, and I did some blackberry pickin' yesterday down in the lower pasture. The mare's pond still has some water in it ( it's generally dry by now ) and the bullfrogs skedaddled to the bottom when we approached. David added some shells to his collection... 38 special and 12 guage... probably shot by his Dad and one of my brothers-in-law some time ago. We talked of: the moon, bears, lions, horse poop, berries, shells, trees, rock music, frogs, football... the kind of stuff a six year old is interested in.

Impressed my granddaughter, Ashley, 2 years old, yesterday, with a stick figures drawing of the family including our dog "Poop". Drew in a sun and crescent moon, and she insisted on a Daddy moon, and Mommy moon, and... Later she tried to show me the moon outside... but it was only our halogen light. I then directed her to where the moon really was in its full or near full glory and located Mars for her as well, very near the moon in the sky.

Cartoons are on... "Spong... " is on, and the two grandkids are screaming and bothering each other as much as they can. Gail's doing her share of yelling, trying to keep the two in line... time to close the door !!!

Well... back to the web... time to Google ( and toggle back and forth from the TechTv message boards ! ).


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