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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Feeling better today... kept nodding off most of the day yesterday if I sat down for any length of time... probably due to not being able to use my apnia mask/O2 when I went to bed ( no electricity ). It was also warm ( 90 degrees Fahrenheit ) as it is today... though we have been getting occasional breezes. The grandkids did get some swimming in... I generally just stayed out of everyone's way.

We had the electricity fixed yesterday... had to float a $130 USD check until Thursday to my in-laws for payment. Owens, our neighbourly fix-it man, came by at 9:15 a.m., to see what the problem was. Turns out the main hot wire to the house was corroded and the insulation was melting from the extra resistance/impedance from the extra "load". We were correct in taking care of the problem immediately to prevent a fire.

Flipping the TV channels between football and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and perusing the TechTv boards. Missed a 100 yard kick return on the Chiefs/Steelers game. Listened to the 49er's lose their game. When do the Raiders play ?... still don't know. I will check out ESPN in a bit to get caught up on all the sports action.

I did post to the Adaptive Computer Support forum a revised list of links that I drop once in a while. Hardly anyone ever visits this particular forum... and I've tried to contribute since one poster suggested "we" as a community should support the lesser viewed TechTv forums... guess no one else was "listening". I have my doubts if anyone else reads the offerings... but as Mother Teresa might have said... "Post information to those who need help, although no one may ever read your posts". Suits the "Äiken Drum" character trait I carry... reference from a children's book my parents had, circa 195X, I read over and over as a child.

Also the passing of the great and enigmatic Edward Teller, 9/10/2003 at 95 years old, ( the so-called "Father of the H-bomb" ) was reminded to me when I watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still", starring Michael Rennie. There was a good article on Edward Teller in The New York Times on the 10th September ( sorry - the link failed )... a great man indeed. I recall another movie where Edward is depicted as a rogue and pain in the side of J. Robert Oppenheimer during/after the work on the Manhattan Project... the project that ushered in the nuclear age. Edward was more obsessed with creating The Super Bomb ( H-bomb ) than buckling down on the project at hand... and was later to testify against "Oppy" and bring J. Robert Oppenheimer down in prominence.

I also learned that Venus and Serena Williams' older sister, Yetunda Price was tragically killed in a confrontation with neighbors in Compton, CA today... my sympathies to their family.

Well... all by myself today. The "kids" went off to Ponderosa/Tahoe to do their family thing... fishing perhaps. Gail went with her parents and brother, Kenny, to Tahoe... where she was to meet up with the "kids". I've received a number of calls from her as she toured the casinos ( Harrah's/Harvey's ) with her parents, waiting to re-unite. I hope she does... she has no money to drop into the one-armed-bandits we both love. I was asked, half-heartedly as Gail was leaving, if I wanted to go also. Glad I didn't agree to go... I'll play the neglected husband to the hilt, though, not seriously. I need some quiet time before the "kids" move from their little trailer into our not-so-much-bigger mobile home, all too soon.

Time to feed the horses and water the flora... and get off my ample buttocks for a while.

Até mais tarde...

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