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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Gettin' dark. Fed the horses. Richard's brother brought up a horse ( his ? ) and gave the grandkids and their friend a horsey ride.

Contemplating dinner... TV dinner in microwave... had 2 McDonald's double cheese burgers for lunch and shared some of Gail's fries.

The last of Googling for Bea tonite... will present her with a few pages of thisses and thats.

The house is noisy with family and people knockin' on the door and dogs baying outside. Need to rotate the TV dinner... done !

Flash !!!  ... 7:30 p.m. - Gail just heard from her Father that some Jet ( Fighter ? ) has "touched and go'd" twice on US Highway 50 out here near Placerville and to turn on the news... nuthin' on the news. Maybe check the radio or TV news later...

US Highway 50 is our major commute artery between Tahoe ( and points east ) and Sacramento ( and points west ). We used to have a plethora of military air bases out near Sacramento, but when the "Peace" broke out most were changed over into civilian hands and converted into industrial parks and golf courses and such.

          Dinner ????

      Dinner is ready,

      time to eat,

      just peel back the cover,

      to reveal faux meat !!!

      : Bobby NIchols

Anon... perhaps.

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