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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I still have the soaker on out front... I will turn it off before I go to bed. That said... lingered on the net, my fingers flying, as if on a fret... at a whopping 20 wpm ( notice the small wpm ).

Critiqued a site, after perusing the music section at length I e-mailed some very minor "hic-ups" and spent some time there. Fun stuff. Gave me a number of ideas for my own site unseen. Tried to instruct on the boards re: this very Blogspot product. Appears the instruction took, else was learned otherwise. Both sites, the BLOG and, evoked passion, though in dis-similar ways... inspiring my new offering:

           Expressions of Love

        Anticipatory... a touch, a caress, a kiss
        shivers of warm, heated passion
        yearning bliss

        Familial... bonded with bright children's faces
        heartstrings tugged at arrivals and leavings
        hugs, cuddles, and teeth braces

        Lustful... with vigorous desire
        passion felt, rigorous
        an unquenchable fire

        Mature... empassioned through life's span
        a state of mind, not an age
        no bounds on woman nor man

        Mornful... heartfelt, achingly lost
        an ending, a leaving, a loss
        world upended, tossed

        Religious... of God and His teaching
        rapt, devout, warm love
        we, Heaven beseeching

        Unrequited... 'twas never to be
        unanswered, unknown
        unwanted, by thee

        Youthful... furtive, mischievous, artful display
        exploring, self doubting, life's too slow
        knowing all, all for today

        : Bobby Nichols 9/17/2003

'til later...

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