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Saturday, September 27, 2003

" It's always something. If it isn't one thing--it's another! It's always something." - Roseanna Roseanadana

Beautiful day ! The temp is in the 80's, Fahrenheit, with a light breeze.

Made a small adjustment to yesterday's post on the "story" I created for my sister's birthday. I added a co-title What's in a Name ?" after realizing the anagram paradigm ( smacking my palm repeatedly to my fore-head ! ).

Sent off an e-mail to the family, advising of the post. Also e-mailed the creator of The site is down for construction so I could not get answers for myself re: the fair-use policy they may have. I remember having bookmarked the site some time ago after reading/watching a TechTv segment, but had yet to check it out.

Spent more time on Da Boards, Googling, and perusing the news.

No truck.

Chrissy's trailer is " out-of-here ". Towed away by the new owners... who are now very frustrated "puppies" in trying to pop-out the sides and get it all set up. Richard is out hunting for deer and the owner previous to Richard and Chrissy is unavailable.

No real "blow ups" yet in the family crush that is now my home... "Our Father, who art... "

Chrissy lent me her DVD of "The Core" to watch later... cool !

        The Crush

     In times gone by
     it was the norm
     for generations of families
     to co-habit a dwelling

     This practice is de-facto
     elsewhere on our tiny world...
     so why do I take such umbrage
     to the flux of events

     Am I so protective
     of my space sacrosanct
     or basely insensitive
     to the needs of the family

     Perhaps I'm too old
     to take change at all
     as the noises increase
     and psyches strain taut

     : Bobby Nichols 9/27/2003

Time to feed the horses and water... later !

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