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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Just a quick session while it's quiet. Have the " Atmospheres " music channel on DSS Tv channel 838.

David is at soccer practice with his Dad and grandma Gail and sister Ashley.

I've done a quick look-see of the TechTv "boards" to see what's up. Pete's got an early alert on a Microsoft bulletin... a definite gotta' go see. A thread on "Getting to know you better", or such, was mothballed early... I wonder how the monitors, Casey and ilk, make these determinations ? The thread appeared to be within board guidelines... with no untoward defamation or derogatory remarks ( and no c***r !!! )... dunno. I'll quiz the Masters of the board if the thought continues to rankle.

Horses makin' a racket... time to feed... after I check out Microsoft's updates !!!

C'ya !

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