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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Just what I needed to hear right now... Hysteria by Def Leppard, to take me back emotionally to the '80's. I know that that's the risk I take when I listen to the '80's music channel on DSS, but there are only a handful of songs that will push any of my "buttons". Oh, well.

Gail's gone shopping with my in-laws and Ashley, my two year grand-daughter. That leaves me with some quiet time while I wait for "Call For Help" ( CFH ) on Tech Tv. Done the e-mail thing, nothing from the family. Had an e-mail alert from eBay that I was outbid on an item I was tracking, so I waited until the last minute and a half to up my bid and was rewarded with a notice that I was the new high bidder ! NOT !!!!! Someone ( who hadn't bid in the past on this item ) sniped me with no time left to outbid me... by a bloody 50 cents ( $0.50 USD ). A little annoying, as Gail was bugging me to get offline to use the phone so I couldn't concentrate on the timing. C'est la vie... á bête noire !!! I had started the bidding at $1 USD and been tracking and bidding over the weekend and monitoring the item before it closed this morning.

I've been studying eBay selling procedures and practices with their tutorials and set up my eBay profile. The PayPal account had previously been set up to facilitate receipt of payment. Also perused some of the more successful sellers methods and have learned much. I'm nearly ready to take the final plunge and become a bonifide seller ! I want to get the shipping info from USPS - so I don't get surprised with shipping headaches.

About ( 15 ) minutes to CFH... already took the online quiz and nailed the answer... timer set to advise me when to switch channels... to use the Ebonics vernacular... I be ready !!!

3:45p.m. PDT - Gail's home with Ashley and I've already walked to David's bus stop and walked David home. It's bloody 100 degrees ( Fahrenheit ) outside !!! Added a string of red listed addies to block in Gail's e-mail... she'll get 100 spam e-mails a day !!! This will help a little... and I'll keep adding to the list. Looks like I'll miss "The Screen Savers" on TechTv today... "Fairly Odd Parents" are on the tube... with "Sponge Bob..." probably to follow soon on the cartoon channels. Guess I'll clean this mess of an office up and pop some tunes in the CD slot... feed the horses later and plant some bare root roses when it cools down a bit.

Later !

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