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Sunday, September 28, 2003

" Neither can embellishments of language be found without arrangement and expression of thoughts, nor can thoughts be made to shine without the light of language. - Cicero

The geese have been flying overhead on their way south. Beautiful music in the air when they pass over.

The turkeys are still hanging around... didn't see them, but they too have a distinctive sound.

Spent time on Da Boards and perusing the news.

Donald O'Connor (sp?) passed away. Although he is renown for his role in "The Music Man" I will always remember him, fondly, in the "Frances... the Talking Mule" movies. Elia Kazan, another Hollywood icon, also passed.

No truck.

Watched the 49'errs ( not a typo ! ) lose convincingly to the Minnesota Vikings... it was painful to watch. Of course the Raider game was nowhere to be found on my DSS box. They pulled out a nail biter in over-time to San Diego... a team that was ripe for slaughter

I watched the DVD that Chrissy lent me of "The Core". Enjoyed it very much. My favorite character was the black hat hacker "Rat", enlisted by the Government, who is found innocently playing "Pong" on his computer work station after hacking a Government weapons facility in Alaska to give the "heroes" a bit more time to save the world. His opening scene shows him frantically throwing CD's/floppies into the toaster and microwave, frying the media, and purging his many computers of their Hard Drive contents as the fed's visit him at home. Quite comical.

Everyone's gone to bed early tonight... guess I'll do the same.

        Autumn in Garden Valley

     Moderate weather predominates
     blessed with light breeze
     Grasses and tree limbs sway
     as waves on the seas

     Apples are ripening
     so too the prune plum
     Oak leaves and their acorns
     dropping by the scores, drum

     Geese overhead piping
     seen flying in V's
     Turkeys still milling about
     as are quail in their covies

     Hunting season open
     eager hunters oft found
     albeit more... seemingly,
     than the deer abound

     : Bobby Nichols 9/28/2003

Good night !

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