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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

O.K., my color formatting didn't take on the edit of the BLOG... and the animated gif only shows on "current" posts... go figger... a task and puzzle for another time !

Digging holes for bare root roses... ouch ! Gotta' blister on me thumb. The ground is so bloody hard I'm soaking the starter holes, so as to facilitate digging with the post hole digger. Watered the assorted flora and noticed blooms on a poor plant that hadn't bloomed in a number of years while pot-bound. I had transplanted it in the ground just this spring... I be happy :) !!!

Received notification by eBay about the same type item that I lost out on yesterday, (5) or (6) of them in fact... what a nice service !! Need to return my (3) library books tomorrow, one being " ABC's of Making Money Online" by Ray Boileau. Best speed read it one more time and jot down notes I may have missed, including some interesting web links.

4:00 p.m. PDT - Gail's off to pick up Ashley with David in tow. David has already endeared himself to me by sticking his head in the "office" and screaming at the top of his lungs and hastily exiting. Ignored him and yelled at Gail to intervene on my behalf. There is no sanctuary... God grant me patience and Jesus grant me peace. It will only get worse with the two grandkids together.

Time for "The Screen Savers" on TechTv... hasta la vista, baby !!!... at least until the kids start crying for cartoons... ugh !

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