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Monday, September 08, 2003

Posted a few times on the TechTv message boards tonight and read a plethora of other contributions. My dissertation ( 9/6/2003 ) on... how to add an image to a website was well received by the poster.

I've another project that I've volunteered for. Gail and I had been sailing ( garage sales ! ) and we met a gal named Bea who was interested in some information on:
Glass slides - vintage: "Stereopticon (?) slides and viewer (works?)
maybe 200 total: black and white, and colorized
maybe 2" high X 3" wide
   Regional example: 59 Pearl Street, N.Y.C.
   Religious example: Jesus holding lamb with Bible verse: "He leadeth me... "
   Period example: "Slum" children titled in pencil

This will give me a chance to exercise my Google fingers !!! Also, if anyone knows anything about the glass slides and viewer, please e-mail me at: - and thank you in advance!!!

I purchased a cute little gift box for $0.50 USD, and a few days later my in-laws purchased a redwood picnic table and two benches for $25 USD from Bea. She even threw in a free kitty bed for my researching for her.

Strong drama with my brother-in-law ( Kenny ), and daughter, and girl friend^s, and associates... wish I could relate to y'all ( tease-tease ). Our little corner of the world makes "Payton Place" look like the "Fairly Odd Parents"... on quaaludes.

The family had fried chicken al fresco with asparagus and mashed potatoes and tomatoes and corn on the cob... all womped up by Gail and her father, Larry. Yum !

Animosity still apparent between my son-in-law, Richard... and my father-in-law, Larry, and I. Richard is extremely thin skinned when dealing with innocent banter... he can dish it out - but he can't take it as the old saying goes.

The "kids" ( my daughter Chrissy and her husband Richard, and their children David and Ashley ) are staying... the "kids" are going... the "kids" are staying... the"kids" are going... who knows ???

My truck has not been being worked on all this time...

Richard's father Alvin showed up shortly after dinner and related an eerie course of events. Seems Alvin and another of his sons, and his son-in-law were up in the high country about 7000 feet elevation between here and Tahoe somewheres four-wheeling it up and down the mountains and settled down to camp and turned in. Alvin heard a sound and looked out the tent and saw "something" that yelled/roared like something out of Hades that he couldn't identify. He said his son also got a look and managed to get his hair all stood up on end in terror. Alvin's pretty shook up. He's no piker when it comes to the outdoors in the least... very experienced. My minds eye pictured a Banshee or some other unearthly creature. This was no "Bigfoot" story either. Who knows ? Here's my take...

          "Hell on the Mount"

     Whilst camped in the mountains
     not a care in the least
     bedded down for the night
     not aware of the Beast

     Heard a rustle of a sound
     woke me up from my sleep
     out I peered from my tent
     what I saw made my flesh creep

     Unearthly figured
     all swathed in gloom
     with a din like a banshee
     I felt nigh my doom

     My son seeing me thus
     ventured his gaze about
     I tried to warn him
     but couldn't shout

     He froze and was stricken
     with horror and fright
     turned pale as the moon
     on this moonless night

     Our companion then roused
     startled by our imminent dismay
     gave call to our tormentor
     not comprehending the foray

     Wits gone from my mind
     tearing back through the tent
     the wraith shrieked forth again
     my soul thoroughly rent

     We no longer tarried
     grabbing no kit nor provision
     fearing per-fervid chase
     to carry us to perdition

     I won't go back to the mount
     that horrifying black region
     where dwells the creature unknown
     in demonic legion

     : Bobby Nichols 9/8/2003

Well... that was fun... arduous, but fun ! I really need to show the poem to Alvin when I see him. I'll show Richard tomarrow/today?... good lord it's 3:17 a.m. already. This time I copied and saved the BLOG in NOTEPAD just in case of hic-ups from their server. Need to save the last N number of posts for posterity as well.

God bless... and good night !

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