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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Richard is back from the hospital. Chrissy and Richard were home after 9p.m. PDT... low white cell count... and spinal tap preliminary results negative. Stress could have been the underlying cause. Stress ?... imagine that !

No truck yet...

Gail has Ashley today, at home... I'm already kicked off the tube in favour of "Blue's Clues" and "Dora the Explorer". Held my ground until the 9a.m. PDT rerun of Monday's "The Screen Savers" and "Tech Live" were finished. Gail made breakfast for everyone, al fresco , ( I ate indoors )... eggs and bacon and hash browns and coffee. Ashley tried her best to help and was carrying around an egg until the inevitable happened. Helped Ashley, 2-years old, with her shoe laces. She tried to do the 2nd shoe by herself... Of course, she had to go sans sockies, since there was raw egg on them... "WET!" she said... yup, wet.

Did the e-mail thing... Gail kicked me offline to make a phone call... hope my entry to today's CFH wasn't bollixed as she didn't bother to warn me she was going to use the phone ( I swear I told her I was on-line !!! )

We had the usual argument about getting a 2nd phone line yesterday... me saying we can't afford a 2nd line... her argument degenerating into "o.k., then we won't have any phones !". Makes sense to me. I use "The Internet Answering Machine... Call Wave", basic service, when I connect to the internet. What difference "that" is to having our answering machine on when I'm offline escapes me. It's not as if I'm ignoring calls and/or not messaging people and/or not calling back when necessary and/or not getting offline if someone needs to use the phone... grüß Gott ! Normally I'd bring up the fact that she has a very expensive and UNRELIABLE cell phone service, for two, that she attempts to pay for, herself... not worth the breathe. Maybe a good time to upgrade "Call Wave" for the extra $8 or $10 USD/month that they want so we can "catch" some calls... 'course that doesn't free up a line if someone needs to use the phone. HEY... CELL PHONE GUYS !... HOW 'BOUT PERFECTING YOUR SHODDY TECHNOLOGY SO'S GAIL CAN USE HER BLOODY CELL PHONE AT HOME !!!... LET ALONE FIX THE DROPPED CONNECTIONS AND DEAD ZONES, EVEN IN SACRAMENTO... BLOODY HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gail's still making her "important" phone calls right now... I'm processing offline in NotePad 'til she's done. Must have hit a nerve yesterday.

Whether the weather... high temp for-casted for today is only 79 degrees Fahrenheit. There's a nice breeze out... good day for gardening. Think I'll transplant a few more baby cedars and pines from their pots to their new resting places on the property. The vincae ( Periwinkles ) are looking a bit shabby on the driveway... best give them a good soak today. Mow the lawn... nah!... have to draw the line somewhere... maybe a wee sprinkle of water... we'll see.

              Watering My Garden

        Rose and Iris

        Apple and Periwinkle

        best tend to the darlin's

        and give them a sprinkle

        Pine and Cedar

        French Plum and Oak

        'tis off to garden

        to give them a good soak

        Holly and Crepe Myrtle

        Lilac and Oleander

        these I'll set down the hose

        and let the steep meander

        : Bobby Nichols 9/16/2003

ttfn !

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