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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Should have read the whole thread through slower. The Microsoft Critical Update doesn't affect WinME or 9X or earlier. I guess there's some consolation with having an outdated system !

Almost forgot ! Won a bid on a Lexar 64MB Thumb Drive... finally today. Already Paypal'd it out-a-there. Must have been my 3rd or 4th attempt. $23 USD including shipping and insurance... not a bad price, but I might have been more patient. That's $2 USD less than I've allocated for my 3-months tech allowance. Now I'll have portable memory without the bother of carrying around CD's... although the trade off between 64MB and ~700MB/CD is substantial... the programs/files I wish to utilize will fit nicely.

Gonna' do some more Googling later... stereopticons/magic lanterns/glass slides

Did manage to read about 130 pages into "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying and Selling Collectibles" while waiting for Gail to take some job ability tests ( or such ). Interesting reading.

Have to go... need to make a phone call and there's still only one phone line...grrrrrrrrr.

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