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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Today was supposed to be the last hot day... a fitting end to summer.

Richard had stomach distress today... so he came home early. Between he, and Larry ( my father-in-law ), and myself we finished patching the bedroom floor. Carpet-layers come tomorrow.

No truck... however my nephew did get his car up and running... chalk this snafu up to experience. Still have hopes for getting my $50 USD back.

Worked on some bugs in my HTML code on my new website. Also need to rework some artwork I "borrowed" and manipulated. Seems the fine print from this particular artist stipulates fair use and free-to-use as: the artwork is o.k. to use on the desktop... but not on websites ( or commercially ) without expressed consent and renumeration ( implied )... go figger ! I'll have to take some photos of my own and retouch in the manner of what I had... pity... the artwork was exactly what I wanted for two of my pages.

           For Art's Sake !!!

        I scoured the web

        seeking for images

        to best fit my poetry

        I, already inspired

        and finally I alight

        upon creations fantastic

        free-to-use advertised

        exactly what I desired

        just needed to edit

        which I dispatched with vigor

        crop here, render there

        artistically wired

        then read the fine print...

        upon second perusal...

        "no website posting allowed"

        caught in a quandary, mired

        for artwork is owned

        by its creator in toto

        artistic license indeed !

        when money most required

        I released back the work

        to the ether whence spawned

        and look inward, not out

        for creations acquired

        : Bobby Nichols 9/23/2003

Caveat lector ! Mea culpa... dirigo disjecta membra ubique... sic itur vis inertiæ. Fiat lux !!!

Vale !

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