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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Watched " The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers " on a rented DVD tonight with my wife Gail. Guess they can add my $$ to the bizillions of dollars made just on the rental. I've already watched both versions of " The Fellowship of the Ring " on the STARZ/Encore channels too many times to enumerate. Add that to the hundred or so times, seemingly, that I've read the Trilogy " The Lord of the Rings"... and " the Hobbit "... and " The Silmarillion "... on ( I've worn out four sets of the Trilogy ), and one would think I'm hobbitted out by now... NOT !!! I'm such an abject LOTR freak that I had chills of anticipation accompanied with laboured breathing and mind numbing ecstasy ( not the drug ) when I first viewed " The Fellowship of the Rings" at the theater. Yes, I know a lot of license was taken when comparing the books to the screen play... but it was artfully done and didn't diminish the experience. I can't wait for...
" The Return of the King" !!!

I spent a lot of time on the web today: keeping up with my eBay activity, TechTv message boards, and Googling. I think tomorrow I'll take a break from the web and tend to the stuff that gets set aside when I'm cooped up in the "office" here at home.

Still no truck !

My nephew, Greg, changed my wife's breaks on her van today. Seems like only months have gone by since they were last done. 'Course we live in very hilly country out here, going up and down the American River Valley on a daily basis... and my wife's proclivity to tailgate and speed doesn't help. I'm one frazzled, white-knuckled dude when I passenger with her driving !!!

I best "hit the hay" and not make this session on the 'puter an all night-er like I've done recently... I'll pay for it profusely !

Selamat tinggal !

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