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Monday, October 27, 2003

Artists like cats, soldiers like dogs.
--Desmond Morris

I have bits of potato applied to my blistered sores on my left hand, bound with band-aids. While trying to help out yesterday with a trench I neglected to wear gloves while hefting a pick. Hurt yesterday... even worse today. In my bowling years I would use a potato to ease blisters on my bowling thumb when they occurred, which was seldom, since I drilled my own equipment. Should ease the sores by tomorrow

Another poem I had posted a month back put on the side-board, Autumn in Garden Valley >>>

The artwork is from a photo I took of an incredible leaf I found down in the Sacramento area the other day, rendered in Paint and IrfanView only. Not being much of an artist, by any means, I'm still pleased with the results. I'm still wrestling with ideas for my poem "Passings". This is the poem I had found ready-made-artwork that after a little manipulation exactly fit what I had been imagining to accompany the poem with. Still thinkin'.

This week my daughter and her husband are thinking of Oregon for their next move...

News only getting worse about the Southern California fire... God protect the families and other life threatened.

More time at Da Boards... e-mailed one of the people responsible for creating the animated .gif as we know it today in regards to yesterday's/today's postings. Can only hope for a response.

We have a cooling trend due in a few days. It was 80°+ Fahrenheit again today breaking more heat records with tomorrow to be similar.

            Dog Don'ts

       I used to like dogs

       Perhaps I still do...

       in some fashion

       Puppies especially

       all innocent and cuddly

       I tire of the barkers

       and whiners, and poopers

       and pee-ers, and bed hogs

       and dogs that have to be

       tied up... just because

       :Bobby Nichols 10/27/2003


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