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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will piss on your computer.
--Bruce Graham

The World Series starts tonight ! Yankees vs. Fishies !


Read that David Wells and Roger Clemens and coach Mel Stottlemyre , three Yankees pitchers past and present, paid homage to Babe Ruth beneath his plaque... toasting him with champagne in honor of " The Curse"... quite fitting.

I posted my poem " The Curse, revisited... 2003 " on a "tech" thread on Da Boards that saluted ( and degraded ), the Yanks come from behind game 7 win in the ALCS... just thought it was appropriate.

Read on Da Boards tonight that cat pee glows under blacklight... Unfortunately on re-checking the link, the posting has been deleted

It's amazing what one can learn in a computer/tech forum... also explains why my keyboard glows under blacklight... Hmmm!

These are my cats, as God bear me witness... Please Lord grant the remaining un-neutered cats be caught and " fixed ".

* sigh ! ... may have missed one or two.

                 Cats !!!

The two Silly Cats, Sillies One and Two

Three new kittens who've yet to be named

Roo, now the oldest, originally named Spice

and Mommy Kitty, short hair, black, with tail

Smoke our long haired gray cat, nicknamed... Moke

Spooky, named so, because he was born a year ago

another unnamed short haired black kitten... untamed

Then there's Momma Kitty, black long hair with no tail

And Middy Night, the hunter, again bob-tailed, and black

Missy, another short haired female black kitty... but fixed

and one I call Kenny Cat, one inherited from my brother-in-law

Then there's Figaro, all white and black, who sleeps with me in bed

and Taffy-doodles, all black and white, who guards the cat food at night

Precious, presented to me as a kitten on Father's Day, many years in the past

: Bobby Nichols 10/18/2003

Ka omesia !

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