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Friday, October 24, 2003

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.
--Ernest Hemingway

Mom's sick... her visit down to California delayed... I'm bummed. Get well Mom !

The Yankees are down three games to two... they've got the Fishies just where they want them !

Bought a used 1974 " Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary ", hard bound and looks never to have been used for $ 1.50 USD at a thrift store. My poor old generic stand-by has pretty much bit the dust. Also picked up a used " Roget's " in paperback for $ .50 USD. Ya' never know when ya' might need one. Picked up a belt, finally, at " The Men's Warehouse " in Folsom. Great bunch of sales people there... I'll be back again ! It's the closest shop, now, for clothes, et accouterments, that will fit my largish girth.

Almost missed tonights World Series game... #5. I could have sworn that today was a bye day, so I puttered in the garden until about 6:00 p.m. PDT and then popped in to check the news on the old rabbit-eared toob... oops !... game on... and Yankees in arrears !

I have no more fingernails left... and there's one, maybe three games left in the series. The cuticles are pretty shot too. May have to resort to pulling out my hair if the Yankees can't win convincingly from here on out.

I've got the sniffles and a runny nose... makes using the apnia mask downright uncomfortable at best.

Gail's in constant pain due to her shoulder and back and arm throbbing at her. She's not getting any rest at all. The chiropractic therapy just doesn't seem to be helping and we had to get some pain killers prescribed for her. She swears that the pain was less before the two surgeries !!!

Proshyai !

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