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Monday, October 06, 2003

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
--Henry David Thoreau

Update: Re: "downloading an 8 Meg Java Update from Sun... whoops! it seems it's finished already, which is odd, because the file only shows 1MB in the completed file... dunno ! I'll fire it up in a bit to see if I get some kinda' performance boost."...
... the ap was damaged in downloading and would not function at all... need to re-download !

Decided to make OPERA my default browser rather than bother with fixing Windows IE, using IE as only a conduit for Outlet Express for use as my e-mail client. I have OE trained pretty well to filter my e-mail and I like using AVG (anti-virus) to detect anything virulent coming through on OE.

The water situation is back to normal. The solution, luckily, was to turn off ALL power to the house and turn it on again. Gail suspects that it may be because I've been turning off the hot water heater when not needed and that by doing so my be tripping the solenoid (relay). I suspect a larger problem that has yet to rear its ugly head.

I've stuck to my guns about not watching TV since I don't want to be hypocritical. "Things" need to be sacrificed and paying for TV that I even rarely get to watch ( can you say 'cartoon' ? ) seems one logical choice. The TV is still hooked up... but not for my benefit nor payment. Sorry TechTv... I'll miss you !!!... C'ya on the web !

The e-mail I sent to some Nichols family that has a family website up bounced back as undelivered. I suspect they have change e-mail carriers and haven't bothered to change their web info.

          Toobular !

     I say good-bye to the toob
     that wonderful mind numbing
     appliance that is the center
     proper of our household

     Proffering education and
     amusement and a door to the
     outside world... I no longer
     in this manner wish to view

     No longer have to watch the inanities
     of commercials, the spam of the RF
     No more searching the premises
     for the remote control lost

     Let the kiddies have their "toons"
     though still I have to listen
     while sequestered browsing the world
     in my little "office" room

     And so too will I read more
     of paper and of ether
     to sharpen my mind and amuse myself
     in lieu of the box I my$elf withhold

     : Bobby Nichols 10/6/2003

Dehna hunu !

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