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Friday, October 10, 2003

Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.
--James Thurber

I want to see what this looks like from " HTML Tag Buddy "... just for fun !

Chrissy walks into the house... " It's cold in here ! "... it's bloody 72° Fahrenheit inside ?!?!?! She and the little ones went to a high school football game tonight to watch the " Grizzlies " play. Downtown in the " BIG CITY ", Placerville, Gail and I passed the remnants of a crowd from a parade of high school " Home Coming " revelers. I really miss high school, although, I was always the odd one out...

David must be o.k. now. He missed a couple of days, Wednesday & Thursday, of school with strep throat.

Richard's gone hunting with his buddies up at " Hell Hole " up near the Rubicon River, I think.

Dinner ( for me )... (3) corn-dogs and some clam chowder sprinkled with a little curry powder. For Gail... bowl of ice cream ( chocolate mint ) and a Hostess cup cake. Should go great with her breakfast of two raised glazed donuts and a Dr. Pepper !!! We both partaked of KFC for lunch ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ).

I've been dragging about all day... sore from walking yesterday and interrupted sleep due to Gail's stupid " Poop " dog. As " Pink Floyd " once said on their all time best seller " Dark Side of the Moon ": " One of these days !!!!!... "

Full moon tonight ;) I like full moons ! The only other moon phase I like is the thin crescent with the " bite " out of the left side... or as I like to refer to this phase, as did the ancient Greeks, " Diana's Bow ".

Getting ready for the sojourn tomorrow to Reno, Nevada ( as opposed to Reno, Ohio and Pennsylvania ). Have my registration e-mails for Gail & I... actually two for Gail, someone slipped up and e-mailed both in her name. Yep... I have already confirmed that I, too, am registered for the eBay University, as they call the seminar. Counted all my loose change since June, just in case a slot machine up and bites me. $ 19 USD in quarters, dimes, and nickels !!! Gail still has a bucket of nickels from her trip with her parents to Tahoe last month or so ago. An early start is warranted, but we don't have an alarm clock... we'll see !


    I left the Earth last night to see the stars
    on the other side of our galaxy near the rim
    and what did I think of while taking in this glory
    but of how sad they don't have a Moon like ours

    : Bobby Nichols 10/10/2003

Genough farwel !

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