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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

" I am become Death, shatterer of worlds. "
--J. Robert Oppenheimer upon witnessing the explosion of the first atomic bomb

The quotation comes to mind after watching " Nova " on PBS channel 6 ( one of the few channels on the toob I can get with rabbit-ears ). If I recall correctly, Oppy was reciting a translation of an Indian Hindu ( India ) verse attributed to the god Vishnu.

The topic was " String Theory " and the unification of what we perceive as the main forces of " nature ": gravity, week atomic force, strong atomic force, and electro-magnetic force... two hours full with another episode up next week.

I'm still trying to wrap my poor little brain around why the theorist/philosophers need more than the four dimensions most people identify with to keep the string theory GUT ( Grand Unified Theory ) viable... up to ELEVEN dimensions !!! I remember Michu Kaku ( sorry if I misspelled ), physicist, was on the Screen Savers and mentioned the same fact not too long ago. The explanation for the extra dimensions seems more of a post hoc - ergo proper hoc  argument.

As for the argument that physicist that are also string theorist border more on philosophy than hard science ( due to the lack of direct experimentation results or observation )... I think that line was crossed way  before string theory evolved. Einstein's famous quote of " God does not play dice with the universe " and Oppy's quote above both testify to that !

Out with Gail and Ashley... Pick up David... Nap... feed horses... news... "Nova"... Da boards... BLOG

            GUT Feeling

       A charmed quark

       out on a jaunt

       beheld a mu

       in dimension seven

       strings unharmonized... slow

       the quark inquired

       " your energy spent ? "

       " No - just split "

       the mu responded

       belching tachyon emissions

       :Bobby Nichols 10/29/2003

Phir milenge !

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