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Monday, October 06, 2003

The more perfect the artist, the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates.
--T. S. Eliot

I'm processing in "Note Tab Light" which I usually refer to as Note Pad, while I download an 8 Meg Java Update from Sun... whoops! it seems it's finished already, which is odd, because the file only shows 1MB in the completed file... dunno ! I'll fire it up in a bit to see if I get some kinda' performance boost.

New quandy... when I browse the web in Windows IE 5.5 or 6.0 the images viewed are pixelated... ( bloody hell, there goes my AVG anti-virus firing up on schedule at 11:00 p.m. I have already updated and scanned today - so off it goes ! )... anyway I found this out by accident when I was checking out a website for a webmaster from Da Boards and noted that his pics were pixelized which I thought might be normal ( wrong ! ) for images in the 800-8K range he was displaying. He noted back saying that they should be alright and I made myself a mental note to follow up. Sure 'nuf I uploaded David's Birthday pics to the _family website and they appeared pixelized also. I tried a different zip program to upload and the same thing ! The images were ok when I view on the desktop, sans IE, so I used my OPERA browser to check things out and the images were fine ??!! So now the fun begins to troubleshoot Windows IE... no quick fixes yet, but I don't want to burden Da Boards with my query until I've done my homework.

Here's another stumper for me. I while back I contributed to an Assistive Technology/Accessibility Board on Da Boards and received a ( 2 )of ( 5 ) star feedback rating for contributing a host of links, not to mention the time and effort put in... AND... I am usually the only contributor over the last many months. Last night I Googled a response for an old rap lyric and get: 2 !! - ( 5 ) of ( 5 ) star feedback ratings. A few nights ago I received a ( 5 ) of ( 5 ) rating for answering NO to a "I hate Bill Gate's" bashing party. The inequities abound across Da Boards. Just makes no sense... I'm much more appreciative for the few Thank Yous received by those I've helped... they mean more to me than any ( 5 ) stars !!!

Gail and I are going to Reno to the e-Bay seminar on the 11th of October ! A chance for something different together. If we get bored we'll just looky-lu 'round the casinos. Registration was only $25 USD total for the two of us due to a special the seminar was running: no cost for a guest... cool ! Parking will only be $4 USD... and gas and food and whatever paltry coin we use for entertainment should bring our tally to about $100 USD total. It's a monetary squeeze, but the knowledge we gain from the seminar should pay that back easily. We need to get out, together, and do "something" away from the family distractions and strain to save our sanity.

My Mom's coming down from Alaska on the 25th and my sister Peg is moving back, from Oregon, by then. I hope to visit my two sisters in Modesto and see my Mom too ! It's been way too long between visits.

NO WATER ! The bloody holding tank for our well has a solenoid unit that goes out once a year and tonight was the night. The unit supplies the electricity to run our well pump to pump the water up to the holding tank. Of course it had to wait until dark... on a Sunday to go out. " It's always something ".

I've given up on the truck. Shoulda known better... ain't gonna' throw good money after bad... no truck...

E-mailed a greeting to some Nichols family that has a family website up and sent them some info that may or may not be useful to them from my genealogy inquiry I have posted on the web. Ya never know !

          gOT roOtS ?

     A family tree of the Nichols clan
     a search for our fore-bearers
     we must plan

     Stories heard 'bout links to the Adams'
     most likely false, when
     considering the chasms

     For time has erased those who were best
     to chronicle the family as
     they migrated west

     And so it is left to us, now, to give thought
     to seek, query and badger
     lest all is forgot

     A legacy sought for generations to possess
     for their family retinue
     to ably assess

     : Bobby Nichols 10/6/2003

I almost made the last line "to make a mess", but thought I best give the family the brightest of hopes for the future rather than be flippant.

Na razie !

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