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Monday, October 27, 2003

Most Puzzling ! ... a link !!!

Funny_1... courtesy of Da Boards ( I apologize in advance to those that may be offended )

Funny_2... ditto ( I apologize to any that may be offended by the language herein... but it's still funny ! )

Timbuktu ( Tombouctou )... oh, there it is, in the country of Mali !!!

Yankees do not win World Series... I commiserate with you guys !

Been at Da Boards a lot... trying to help and learn and learn more. One thread on Da Boards led me all over the internet doing research... as much for my edification as for the thread originator... much fun !

News is bad... terrible, terrible fires down in Southern California. My sister-in-law in Arizona told Gail that the smoke is apparent in Lake Havasu City... not good.

Poem... a link !!!

I ni wonla !

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