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Friday, October 03, 2003

Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.
--Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1809 - 1894)

"Yeah Dude !... you Rock !!!" --- Bobby Nichols (and many others)

Today is my grandson David's birthday !!! ( 7 ) years old. My sister Debi sent a Hallmark Birthday e-mail FLASH animation thingee ( need Macromedia Flash 6.0 and Flash animation activated on your browser to see... and my apologies to those who may try to view after it expires ). All the kids loved it... David, Ashley, Carly,... and me !!! Party for David tomorrow.

Did the e-mail thing, Da Boards, news. Did a thorough Scan disk ( almost 8-hours to the minute in run time ! ) and Defrag ( 30 minutes ) after running Spybot and AdAware and deleting my cookies ( yes... you can delete cookies !!! ) Watered the flora and fauna, cleaned out the "office", re-hung a door I've been neglecting and wiped it down with Murphy's oil.


I call this selection "Huh?"

I call this selection "Begs the Response (smart ass !)"

Kid's going berserk while Mommy and Daddy tried to get ready to go out. Gail and I ( 99% Gail ) vs the grandkids tonight.

Was awake all night staring at my computer CRT ( off ) most of the time, thinking... thinking. Drank two pots of coffee and thought some more. I had become adamant about certain money issues and Gail retaliated with her best shot... a direct hit to the heart and soul. Went to sleep at 11:15 a.m. and awoke at 4:15 p.m. May still be repercussions... why would I expect less ? I'm enemy #1, again, in this cartoon of a family... so stay tooned (sic) and don't touch that dial ! Worst case scenario on hold.

And speaking of berserk... I finished off "Berserker's Star", by Fred Saberhagen, ISBN 0-765-30423-6. A decent read, but slower in developing that I'm used to. I've devoured most of his short stories on the Berserker saga... more "meat on the bone" when he writes in the short story format. Still, enjoyed the book.

The other book I've checked out from the library is "HTML and Web Design, Tips and Techniques" by Kris Jamsa ( Ph.D.,MBA ), Konrad King, and Andy Anderson, McGraw Hill/Osborne Press, ISBN 0-07-219394-8... "300+ Immediate solutions from the PROs"... and "FREE CODE ONLINE"... files available at A much drier read, but I 've learned lots of "stuff" in the pages I've viewed so far. Very well written.


     this is not a poem, but a pome, so I make the rules
     one of the rules is, well, secret... there aren't any other

     rules. accused over and over of being unfeeling: so why do I ache
     and hurt with breast feeling all knotted, twisted
     and tight of throat. Paranoia Trust Hope... Mind wrestles with

     variables too incalculable to fathom,,, easily. Prepare ? Is      preparation giving up to
     the inevitable ? Lost already ? inevitable ?
     Bide, biding. survival mode, bidden

     tired, trod on... depressed... tredding life
     dreading life... lucid future disappointments loom
     unhappyThis is not a poem/?but a pome

     I make the rulez

     : Bobby Nichols 10/3/2003

Adio, wli nanawalmezi !

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