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Sunday, October 12, 2003

You can't just let nature run wild.
--Wally Hickel former governor of Alaska

Heard that Michelle and Ridge ( my nephew ) had a baby girl ! Someone wiped out the message on the answer machine... need to offer my congrats. If you're reading this Ridge and Michelle... CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Missed the eBay University seminar. Over-slept and left for Reno about 8:30 p.m. I thought we might make the lunch break, but no. Gail and I decided to just do the Reno looky-lu bit, and a little slot machine exercise. We tried Boomtown first and had breakfast there. Had a good time there. Gail hit a modest jackpot that paid for our breakfast... and dinner ! I hit another modest jackpot and it looks like we're only out gas money... and the $25 USD registration fee for the seminar. Gas was found for only $1.79 USD per gallon most everywhere, a very pleasant and welcome surprise.

Unfortunately, we're both suffering from gastric distress after over-indulging on the buffet at breakfast... at least that's what I hope it is. Except for the long ride home and Gail being sick on the way home ( I felt great until about noon Sunday ) we had a fun time out alone, together.

Saw Gail's sister Glenda and her husband Arthur at the in-laws today. Guess they may be taking my mother-in-law to Alaska next year for an outing with the motor home. It's been one of my mother-in-laws dreams to visit up there. Art and Glenda live near Lake Havasu City in Arizona and have lived there about three years now and just love the area and climate immensely. Usually very low humidity and moderate to hot in temperature, except during the " monsoon " season around August. Lake Havasu City is the location of the moved " London Bridge " of nursery rhyme fame.

Alaska... I recall from the other day perusing the news that a naturalist and his wife were killed by the bears they loved so much to photograph and study. Evidently they were dropped off by plane and were to be picked up later. The plane returned and no one was waiting. They found the buried bodies of the couple, much mauled, etc., with an aggressive bear in the area which had to be shot. Twice tragic. I salute those who study our world and its mysteries and pass in the effort to benefit all inhabitants of our planet, people and otherwise.


     To the truth seekers, the explorers
     who oft give their lives
     in the pursuit of knowledge
     I salute your courage
     and honor your deeds

     Whither lost... sea or space
     volcano or other remote portion
     of our boundless universe
     they shall not be forgotten
     by posterity beyond man

     : Bobby Nichols 10/12/2003

Salani kahle !

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