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Friday, November 07, 2003

“The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it!”
--L. Ron Hubbard Author and Humanitarian

My message to the new Moderators at Da Boards...WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS !

Out with Gail in Sac, Da Boards, feed the horses, Da Boards, Google, BLOG, Da Boards...

Hope to start on Mom's webpage tomarrow... hope, I hope, I hope...

Whether the Weather: O'cast & cold w/ Big CN clouds crowding the skies in the Sierras. More rain soon.

Lunar Eclipse on Saturday... no - I won't burden you with my joke from last time's eclipse... although it's still archived in My Messages on Da Boards and somewhere in the past BLOGs... somewhere.

Disney on Ice !!! Chrissy ( my daughter ) and her family went to Arco Arena tonight to watch.

Turns out Gail went with her Mom and Dad to the new casino, Thunder Bay, in Lincoln for Candy's birthday... I found out by accident yesterday morning. * No one was impressed, however. ( * " troika " just didn't quite fit ! - a Russian vehicle drawn by three horses ? )

Note to self: The " Conspiracy Board " on Da Boards is a scary place for reading...

Noted my new "used" dictionary I purchased at a Hospice Shop was once owned by a Mrs. Campbell of The Dalles, OR... where my Dad was born... co-incidence ?... I think not !

Hej då !

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