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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

" Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum. "
" Therefore, whoever wishes for peace, let him prepare for war. "

Woke up with cramp in leg that wouldn't go away for the longest time... probably too much coffee... not enough water. Problems getting any sleep at all between the grandkids screaming and Gail's dogs going berserk and being congested with the apnia mask... why even bother until I can't stop from nodding off from exhaustion.

Da Boards... normality settling in, temporarily if I know Da Boards. I kind'a have a feeling... nahhhhhhhhh !

Cold getting worse.

Whether the Weather: Tuesday: Beautiful sunny day...

Played some baseball with grandson David... at 7 years old, he swings a mean bat. I let him hit ( as I pitched ) up hill so's not to have to chase his smashes too far. Still, with my cold and all he wore me out after about an hour, each of the two times we went out.

Still some apples on the trees ! Most, unfortunately, pecked here and there by the birds. Plums have been gone for a while.

Noticed a large pool of fluid near Gail's front driver-side tire. Hole in transmission pan (?). " It's always something... " --Roseanne Rosannadanna

I'm still shook up a bit about the suicide note on a BLOG I came across on Da Boards the other day where the author, previously, had promoted his site. Don't wish to speculate further.

There's a HUGE orange full moon rising in the east above the Sierra's... beautiful !


       I am not worthy

       but feel, still, I must

       thank those who serve

       and have served

       our great Country

       though I have no base

       upon which to relate

       other than those

       of my family, who have

       sacrificed, and some

       who still do... serve

       Thank you, emphatically, all !

       :Bobby Nichols

Bye, y'all !

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