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Thursday, November 13, 2003

" Only fools are positive. "
Moe Howard, (1897 - 1975) US comedian with the Three Stooges

I'm positive, in a negative sorta' way ! Ambivilent... with a capital alpha.

Da Boards... I'm speechless ( so much better for you !!! ). Some posting... lots and lots of reading/research/learning. Regurgitated poem " GUT Feeling "  to the TSS Talk Tech Board... and ran.

My cold getting worsererererer. Thank God for " Robitussin Sunny Raspberry Cough Drops " !

Whether the Weather: Beautiful sunny day, some clouds... a bit brisk, not too cold on Wednesday... more clouds and chilly on Thursday.

A little more baseball with grandson David on Wednesday... Thursday a little pass and catch with the football.

Reading up on more HTML tricks... most especially on graphics... have yet to implement anything learned.

Four bloody hours for a defrag session Wednesday... has it been that long since I defragged last ? Need to get back on schedule ( weekly, not weakly ! )

Added poem " Dreams..."  to the sidebar ------------->>>>>>>

Tried to post late last night... but BLOGGER down for service, or something.

          ;) or " WINk "




              end ?





              myself ?









              dammit !

              Defrag !

              :Bobby Nichols 11-13-2003

Sakini !

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