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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

" She is not perfect. You are not perfect. The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other. "
" See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time. "
Robin Williams, comedian and actor (1951 - ) [ 1st quote from " Good Will Hunting " ]

Today would have been (28) years married with Gail... had we not parted ways for (10+) years before we re-married. I guess that means today is the (28)th anniversary of the day   we first married... or something. Celebrated in high style ( for us )... " Denny's " for breakfast and " KFC " for lunch/dinner, crowned off with a store bought carrot cake at home with milk.

Looked at computers for Gail to start her rehab training with. Went to the Gateway store in Sacramento and looked at a P4 2.5 GHz box and then over to Circuit City and looked at an eMachines Athlon XP 2800+ box.

Gateway P4 2.5 GHz 256 MB ram 40 GB HD 24x10x24x CDRW 8x DVD 17" CRT

eMachinesAthlonXP 2800+ 512 MB ram 120 GB HD 48x16x48x CDRW 16x DVD None???

... both come in at around $ 800- $900 USD with full warranties and WinXP Home. I'm going to double check on the eMachine's monitor... may be mistaken, I hope.

Fed horses rather late... after dark.

Make that (11) puppies... two poor pups of (13) didn't survive. My in-laws are rotating two shifts of puppies for suckling with momma Cheyenne.

My brother Jim called twice yesterday, both times either Gail or I was online so he could only leave a message on CallWave. Said he was going to call back and not to call him... but I guess he gave up.

Mom called me tonight. She told me she had tried to email a Birthday greeting card yesterday, but couldn't get Earthlink and/or her Mac to cooperate. She'll be " down " this Sunday from Alaska. Looking forward to a long visit with her at my sister Debi's.

My sister Debi did send me a Hallmark eGreeting card that I read first thing this morning from yesterday. I would have read it yesterday, but I was feeling " under the weather " and just generally rested.

Another Brouhaha on Da Boards... sheeeeeesh ! Just peeked this morning to see what's up and see what I had missed yesterday to find one of the mainstays on the main CFH board had been "inadvertently banned". For " Pete's " sake ! literally. Will check back in for a quick session on Da Boards later.

We may get our first snow tonight or tomorrow. Snow fore-casted down to 2000 feet ( 609 meters ) and we're about 2300 feet ( about 700 meters ). If we do... it should really fire up the grandkids to go out and play. David's school is even at a higher elevation !

Gero arte !

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