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Sunday, November 30, 2003

" Straight as a rock "
--Debi Pierson 11-29-2003


Called home on Turkey Day and everyone's sick. Gail's still frustrated with her learning disks. Situation normal...

Randomizing: Football, " friends ", shrimp dip, cheesy bread, box-o-wine, brindle greyhound, giblet gravy, (14) for dinner at Debi's, pictures... Boob ? Woody ?, Sasha-Peg-John, Nina-Matthew, brother Jim, [whispering: it's in the water ! ], garage sale at Peg's, pizza, opossum, Debi's neighbor Dottie: Red Lobster celebrating Amie's birthday ( my niece - Debi's younger daughter ) for Dec. 2, my granddaughter Ashley's B'day Sunday the 30th ( (3) years old !!! ),Walmart, Home Depot, Gail's new computer, " Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ".

Visit with my nephew Matthew ( Matt ) Willis... beautiful family, had a very nice visit with Matt and his wife, Nina ( pronounced 'Neena' ), and three children: Marissa (2), Daniel (5), and baby Alex (9) months old. To my eye: Matt is the spitting image of my grandfather John Nichols ( his great-grandfather )... more than anyone else in the family !

The plan is to drop Mom off at Sac Int'l airport and then swoop up to Newcastle and meet my wife Gail... to drop me off with her; and for sisters Peg and Debi to go back home to Modesto from there. Mom will connect with my brother
Robin at Sea-Tac Int'l airport for her visit with the Northwestern part of the family before continuing home to Anchorage in about a week.

Phew ! This visit has gone by so quickly ! Wonderful visits with the entire family down here in the valley(s). Thank you all for your generousity and hospitality !!!!!!


Adieu !

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