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Monday, January 26, 2004

"Be excellent to each other."

--from the movie:
" Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure "

" Poetry in Motion "
a daily contest to my sidebar.
A jumble of many words or word fragments is given and one selects up to twenty to create a poem ( or in my case something poem-like )... my latest attempt:


        Patiently we keep true

        our love for the Son

        Heavenly reward found

        God is lasting peace

        :Bobby Nichols 1-26-2004

Again, the title of the above poem wasn't part of the entry, but entered upon reflection. Given a few more different fragments/words I would have slightly changed the wording, but am satisfied just the same with the result. I may yet adjust the wording for another version for posting to the sidebar.

Just a note on how a poem is selected for the daily prize... each poem is time stamped and a number of poems are chosen by how close the entry time stamp is to a randomly generated time, and then further judged from there on merit.

" Seattle sunshine " Monday afternoon. We've had a few bouts of rain lately... all from relatively warm weather systems. Still a very moderate winter. Grandchildren David and Ashley indoors watching cartoons.

Gail... woke up shivering and wet... our water-bed has sprung yet another leak.

Posting early today... then going to feed the horses and then hit Da Boards and surf the internet... and then: who knows what...

Kone nomw !!!

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