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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

" Creativity means believing you have greatness. "
--Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Great !!!

BLOG bug in IE6 apparently fixed itself ? How nice !!!

Called Mom... had a nice visit. She and Bob are well, Mom being on anti-biotics for her COPD. I had a few questions regarding places and dates for her side of the family for a genealogy inquiry I'm giving to the elders from the Mormon Church, Latter Day Saints. I typed a quick Bio from Mom's facts. My grand-daughter Ashley, 3-years old, conversed with Mom for a bit with her gravelly little voice.

" Poetry in Motion "... a daily contest ( see sidebar )... my latest attempt:

           Process Poetic

        The poetry of

        innermost thoughts

        blossoms like a flower

        found in chaos

        to the poet

        a dream manifest

        :Bobby Nichols 1-27-2004

Updated AdAware on Gail's computer and scanned... only one bug from a Broderbund Children's CD to attend to... not bad !!! Added to Gail's e-mail blocked list... about 50 or so.

Fed the horses in the rain near dark. Gail had picked up some hay earlier from " Singing Springs Feed ". Dark about 5:30 p.m. PST nowadays. Rain still from a warm weather system. I'd hate to see my electric bill if we were to get a freeze, it's bad enough already.

Cleaned out the bottom of the wood stove flue. The smoke from the fire would inundate the house if one opened up the stove door to add wood. Messy chore !

Chrissy's SUV crapped out ( ignition ? ) while she was at work... had it towed from Placerville to home.

Pork ribs for the family for dinner, 'cept Gail's treating me to some beef ribs... my preference if we're to eat ribs. What a nice thought ! Had two pieces of fried chicken for lunch... my favorite too !

It's starting to rain hard... best to post now.

Adieu !!!

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