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Thursday, January 22, 2004

" Learning is not attained by chance,

it must be sought for with ardor and

attended to with diligence. "
--Abigal Adams

... family lore has it my family is related to John and Abigal Adams on my Grandfather Nichols' side ( his Mother ). I have yet to make the genealogical connection... a link !

The before mentioned quote is from the calendar my niece Amy was nice enough to give me from her business " The Soto Insurance Agency ".

Dit, dit, dit, daaaaaaa !!!... Beethoven on NPR Sacramento ( National Public Radio ). Also Morse code for the letter "V", and, apparently, the horn-honking sequence a ham radio operator makes when one recognizes another 'ham' on the road by identifying their ham license plate. No, I'm not a 'ham' in that sense of the word.

Thursday... the van won't start. I, thinking that since there's frost everywhere believed it was merely too cold too start ( LOL, a chilly 35° Fahrenheit !!! ). I know Mom ! - you're probably near zero or below up there in Alaska . But, no... Gail finally managed to run out of gas. She has a 'thang' about leaving barely enough gas in her vehicle to get to the next gas station... and, of course, I'm always nagging her 'aboot' the fact ( for any Canadians amoungst... ).

Helped Larry a bit loading up his truck with the pile of junk from Wednesday that I had heaped.

Excellent time waster: played with the Shockwave puzzle I created and sent to my sister yesterday ( this morning ? ).

Perused Margaret Cho's BLOG... quite entertaining.

Gail's dog, " Poop ", ate my dictionary... at least part of the binding on the spine. Functional, but no longer aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I retook custody of my dictionary and purchased a $1 USD dictionary/thesaurus at the " Dollar Store " for Gail. A few weeks ago " Poop " managed to get to my wallet that I've had for years and years and chewed it all to perdition. The phrase " How to Wok a Dog " comes to mind...

Hei kona ra !!!

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