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Friday, January 30, 2004

" One ought, everyday, to hear a song,

read a fine poem, and, if possible,

to speak a few reasonable words. "

--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Received a response from an e-mail I had sent over a year ago after the New Year of 2003 from an old friend/co-worker/boss. Seems the e-mail was never forwarded properly internally.

The Mormon elders came by for a visit the other day... the crux of the discourse was faith. My devotions haven't changed, but the path is less clear... and I rue any change, nor will I take any change lightly... much thought and meditation and prayer needed.


        My mind entreats

        my poet's muse


        the very purest love

        I myself need


        :Bobby Nichols 1-29-2004



        The timeless dream

        doth darkness cling

        lest our spirit

        love The Son

        and be above

        :Bobby Nichols 1-30-2004


        Tree stands sentinel

        o'er ancient layered mesas

        'neath clouded slate sky

        :Bobby Nichols 1-30-2004

Not entirely enthused with the first poem " Supplicant " above... a difficult set of 'jumbles' to choose from listed in the " Poetry in Motion " contest. Still, something I may be able to further work with. I did get two words to rhyme, LOL ! In the way I structured the poem, it may be read and interpreted in a number of ways. Again, good practice in the exercise.

The second poem " Eternity " had the first line "Death" somehow omitted in the entry... both versions viable, but is death easily implied without ?

The third blurb is my first Haiku ... actually second... I botched my first attempt with too many sylabibbles and then adapted from within... still learning !!!

... In a related story... The notorious hacker who gained control of the "Spirit" Mars rover was barred from using a computer for life.

The Japanese hacker, who had an intimate knowledge of the "C" programming language, blinded JPL from "Spirit's" sight as she ran the rover rampant over the Martian surface.

It is believed that the perpetrator would never have been caught had not her penchant for engraving
Suki graffiti everywhere in the surrounding landscape with "Spirit's" rock cutting tools been discovered on JPL's regaining control of the Mars rover.

Go in peace, C'ya !!!

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