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Saturday, January 31, 2004

" Words are the physicians of the mind diseased. "


OoooooooooooKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

I'd be more inclined to say that " Words are the disease of a physicians mind "... ever try to read a prescription ? A "Ziggy" cartoon the other day in " The Sacramento Bee " shows Ziggy at his doctor's receptionist's window asking her to tell his doctor to write his next prescription more legibly, because when the ( female ? ) pharmacist read the last prescription she slapped Ziggy... or something to that effect.

I do find words cathartic, as I've babbled before... at least when using a computer keyboard with a screen as output. I used to agonize writing a note longhand, my soul wrenched with every pen-stroke. Now... WTF !!! ( pardon the vernacular )

My connection was dropped while on Da Boards in the wee hours, Saturday... Piffle !!!

Began a poem of epic proportion, well... long anyway. Currently 104 lines... however, most lines 1 or 2 or 3 words in length. A tragedy titled " Bowling "... more a personal reflection, an edification, an introspection, than sensation. Unless someone knew the passion I put into the game and work thereof and within and without, one would have no clue to what I'm babbling about... which suits me fine. ( What am I babbling about ? - I've no clue either ! ) I may include it as a white on white piece in the future... to further confound those who shall never read it ?... twisted !!! Yes, I am.

        Revealed Intention

        I breathe... and stop

        Distraction that tease

        you've found my desire

        we make hot delicious love

        past confusion gone

        :Bobby Nichols 1-31-2004

Again, the poem submitted not as perfectly worded as I wish, but a good start... one does what one can with what available... or something. Time to start thinking of artwork and format for the poems created recently. I'm thinking a pastel tiled .gif with multiple poems on a page, since the poems are rather compact ( 20 words or less ). I'll make them all itsy-bitsy to torment the casual reader thrice-fold.

Friday I asked a grand matron ( in her mid 90's ) of here-abouts, with regard to the Mormons, and she intoned " Avoid them like the plague... they're no better than a cult. "... hmmmmmm...

Saturday evening: Met at the LDS church, alone with the Elders. Watched a video and discussed it. Interesting, more food for thought. I enjoy the discussions, the Elders so rapt.

RE:... In a related story... ( from previous posting ) from Parrotgeek7's subject on Da Boards: "Moon to Mars to ..ORK?? "... " additionally, the eight year old was then sued by the RIAA for downloading copywritten rover software after which John Aschroft proclaimed her an "imminent threat" and had her arrested and shipped to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, film at 11. "
-- parrotgeek7

Cracks me up !!! Hey ! parrotgeek7 !! ... MARGARITAS !!!

Oodles-tay !!!

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