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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

" You study, you learn, but you guard the original naiveté. It has to be within you, as desire for drink is within the drunkard or love is within the lover. "
--Henri Matisse... a link !!!
... a Master with the brush... and a phrase.

January 13th... my Mom's birthday !!! Happy Birthday Mom !!!

               Anagrams for Mom:

         Matriarch... she's only chillin'

         Hah ! Lyric Matron chilliness

         N.Y. hero calls him liar, snitch

         Holy schism can trill hernia

         Harsh Mother... ill, cynical sin

         Lily scan charms hither lion

         Manic ostrich rashly in hell

         Ah... missionary clench... thrill !

         Techy harmonic shrill snail

         I. no sly rath, sell chic in harm

         Tiny chromic shell in ashlar

Flu ( Cold or flu ? ) got me down for a bit... Just recently felt up to hitting the 'puter...

Public Radio jazz station on the radio while I surf and blog... put on a pot of coffee 1:00 a.m.

One of my least liked activities is catching up on e-mail. Received some nice pictures of some of my nieces and nephews. Surfed Da Boards to catch up also.

Microsoft has announced an extension for Windows 98 support to June 30th, 2006. I still prefer my Win 98SE system to Gail's Win XP. Her computer is so bloody slow to do anything, especially online. Have I tweaked my computer for speed in the past, or is something bogging her computer down ?

Today installed SPYWAREBLASTER on Gail's computer and scanned for adware. Spywareblaster and AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy are much touted on Da Boards... I've just started using Spywareblaster, but have been using AdAware, Spybot Search & Destroy, AVG antivirus, and ZoneAlarm ( all freeware ) religiously in concert with defragging/scanning and cleaning out my cache as a preventative regimen to keep the ol' 'puter in tip-top shape.

$9 USD California State Super Lotto winner !!! $4.00 towards an overdue library book.

My latest library checkouts: "HTML VIRTUAL CLASSROOM" by Robert Fuller, published by McGraw Hill / Osborne... ISBN 0-07-219256-9
and "THE WORLD TREASURY OF SCIENCE FICTION" edited by David G. Hartwell, published by Little, Brown and Company. I'm still slogging through "THE INFERNO" and have been reading excerpts from "THE BOOK OF MORMON". Perused some art and poetry ( redundant ) magazines while at the library to fuel the soul.

Two "Elders" from the Mormon Church, ages 17 and 20, have been dropping by for spiritual discussions over the past two weeks. Thought provoking... opens many a can of worms in my mind I had once thought best to keep shelved. A link to a poet to whom I have a resemblance in name, only.

Beoð ge gesunde !!!... a link !!!

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