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Monday, February 02, 2004

" Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts. "

--Blaise Pascal

Eloquence: The quality of language causing one to be moved by words.

" Groundhog Day "... obscure holiday... interesting movie.

Da boards, fed the horses, poetry creation/reading, recreational reading, listened to some music, news perusal, sufin' the net...

It's bloody raining. Snow down to about 3000 feet in Volcanoville ( 'bout 900 meters )... We're at about 2200 feet ( 'bout 670 meters ) elevation. Seems much too warm to snow.

Richard, my son-in-law, fixed the wood-stove smoking issue... top vent screen mucked up and not screening.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

              " Not the End !!! "

        My arse exchanged

        For world survival ?

        But thoughts deranged !!

        I chortle !

        :Bobby Nichols 2-1-2004

                             The Artist

                      I rework

                      the canvasses painted

                      of pale blue lives

                              crimson hearts desperate

                      Heavenly Love

                      not beyond reach

                      :Bobby Nichols 2-2-2004

" Not the End " a farcical piece... enjoyed the light imagery... by NO means any religious context. " The Artist " is, however, meant to be a pious offering... but needs a bit more polish before I commit to artwork... again, constrained by the 20 'tile' limit for the daily contest. Looking forward to tonight's 'jumble'.

To the LDS church for another video, ride courtesy of a neighbor up the road.

Chicken catch-a-tory for dinner, augmented with a pastrami sandwich with mayo and dijon mustard.

Super Bowl... snore / half-time show... bore ( including the so-called inadvertent titillation - yawn ! ) / commercials... not enough (?), and not up to past Super Bowl quality.

Deew boz geno !!!

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