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Monday, February 16, 2004

" Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something. "

--Frederick Smith

Went to church ( LDS ) on Sunday... ride from one of the LDS members. Sat in on a 'men's' meeting and another about Gospel principles. My social anxiety simmering... but over-all a good visit for worship.

BLOG, Da Boards, fed the horses, poetry, tagged along with Gail as she fed her Mother's dogs and sundry creatures. No school for grandson David on Monday...

Sincerity and hilarity on Da Boards... a link !!!

Called my Mom... Bob answered the phone. Mom's gallivanting around with two good female friends ( ex-stewardesses from SAS, Norway, I believe ) near some ski resort 40 miles from Anchorage. Bob said her health is fine... and he sounded well also... he actually chatted a bit.

Mother-in-law's critical updates for Windows XP are finally finished ( 20+ MBytes )... ran some spyware progs... need to add a missing file to SpywareBlaster later. Candy and Larry, my in-laws have been visiting Gail's sister, Glenda, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and are taking a side trip to Mexico. Hope they get a chance to stop by Las Vegas on the way back home ( driving ). I loved Las Vegas... went there twice for business in the late '80's, another life-time ago, and had a blast.

Added a collection of some of my most recent poems ( and one from 6/8/2003 ) as a page to the side bar... and made some minor edits to the BLOG template. Made a nice tiled .gif as a background for the poetry collection page that I'm happy with. Tidied up the HTML... a link !!! by pasting in the URL I had on FTP and then viewing the NEW tidy HTML using the right click function " View Source "... a great little online utility found on .

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

                         Everything !

                   Oh how vain...

                   naive, I must be

                   a longing to

                   behold all that

                   is inconceivable

                   and good

                   :Bobby Nichols 2-16-2004

              Pensive Wont

        I channel myself

        a child intent on the shore

        thoughts viewed in situ

        :Bobby Nichols 2-16-2004

" Everything !  "... I want to know everything !... 'cept the bad stuff... I'll trust to God what is revealed.

" Pensive Wont  "... a Haiku: a photo of a child sitting on the sand at a beach watching the low breakers arrive... sunny day... gulls milling about... more longing for me.

Vi snakkes !!!

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