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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

" The most potent muse of all
is our own inner child. "

--Stephen Nachmanovitch

With regards to 'what's inner child'... coincidentally: Ashley to the hospital... put paper up her nose... Gail S C R E A M I N G at me that it's my fault ? 'cause I'm on the computer while she's outside and the grandkids, Ashley and David, are watching cartoons. One, or both of us, needs Prozac. Raise the family alert level back up to Orange. My inner child needs a hug.

Gail was nice enough to feed her horses, for once, before all the drama.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:


                   Each life reads like

                   a treasured book found

                   Each day a new page

                   inspired by The Lord

                   :Bobby Nichols 2-4-2004

              The Coast

        Azure sea tranquil...

        lapping sands of bronzed hills

        Proximity yearned

        :Bobby Nichols 2-4-2004

The first poem is but what I discerned from the tiles allotted. The Haiku " The Coast " is my heartfelt longing for the ocean. A photo was shown to give inspiration to the writer... I left out the joy in exploring the dunes of sand and niches of low tide treasures amongst the tide pools... throwing driftwood into the surf... smelling the salt air tang in the chill of ocean spray.. the kittiwakes and sandpipers capering about on land and sea and air... avoiding the morass of kelp, heaped deep along the tideline... wandering serenely along the beach... catching glimpses of seals and sea-lions and if one very lucky, whales... collecting sand dollars and shells and bright shiny pebbles... smelling the woodsmoke of bonfires made for warmth and meal preparation... my inner child truly at peace.

I but wait...

Ñakum ñiway !!!

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