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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

" You can always trust your inner feelings

'cause they always tell the truth

Where did it get you, then your analyzing

Just do what feels right for you "

" MAKE IT REAL "... Scorpions... a link !!!

from the album" ANIMAL MAGNETISM "
Lyrics: Herman Rarebell...
Music: Rudolf Schenker
Many of the lyrics from the 'Scorpions' strike a chord upon my heart strings... the compositions entwined with their driving rock style... incredible.

For those that missed the ads for the Super Bowl... a link ! or at courtesy of " ifilm "... more 'stuff' too !

Updates up the wazzoo for the past week or so: Microsoft: IE6 and XP... AdAware... Spybot... AVG personal anti-virus. Da Boards... tant mieux !!!

Richard's home due to rain... quality time for he and Ashley, and David when he is done with school.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

           Making Love with You...

                Heart stirring

                I am become desire

                loving growing hotter


                soft silky wings spread

                delicious feeling

                spent within

                :Bobby Nichols 2-3-2004

                              Stand of Trees

                        Dizzyingly high

                        Staring skyward the trees bare

                        Hydra-like standing

                        :Bobby Nichols 2-2-2004

" Making Love with You... "... be calm my racing heart !
" Stand of Trees " is another Haiku poem... a vision from the ground amongst a stand of bare trees, the perspective bringing the tree tops toward the center of focus, the trees akin to sea hydras.

Entre nous... adieu !!!

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