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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

" Children have neither a past nor a future. Thus they enjoy the present - which seldom happens to us. "

--Jean de la Bruyère 1645 - 1696

Ah, to be innocent as children again. A day lasts forever... seemingly, and nearly every experience new...

More Jean de la Bruyère quotes: " Everything has been said, and we have come too late, now that men have been living and thinking for seven thousand years and more. "... quite the optimist !!! Kinda' like Bill Gates saying that: " 640K memory should be enough for anybody "... a little short-sighted. and still more !!!... a link ! On translating a page about Jean de la Bruyère, his name is translated from the French to English as " Jean of the Heather "... rather poetic, non ?

Corrected a typo ( wodland/woodland ) in my latest poetry collection... need to scrutinize more and not rely on the spell-checker so heavily.

Felt tired all morning... a bit out of sorts... took a long n--a--p before feeding the horses.

Missed the deadline for another poem due to the 'dial-up online thing when the phone is needed'... plbbtbtbtbtbtt !!!... but then every-thing's been said/written already anyway, non ? Here's what might have been:

            Rhyme ? No Reason !

                   To rhyme

                   a rhythmic


                   a lyrical madness

                   The rhetorical prose

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-23-2004

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

                         Easter Island

                         The ancient

                    tongue unfamiliar

                       Coarse stones

                           of island

                    ancestors capped

                   A humanness found

                  wide-eyed shadowed

                   Their spirit waiting

                      unhurried long

                         :Bobby Nichols



        Bandit fur ball cite

        Gail's loving pet raccoon... missed

        Heavenly Benners

        :Bobby Nichols 3-23-2004

Rhyme ?... No Reason !  ... The 'tiles' were most unkind. " The rhetorical prose "... a delightful oxymoron. I find the need to rhyme annoying. The openness of prose seems to allay ( not ally ) the doggerel from appearing... not that I haven't been guilty in a creation or two.

Easter Island  ... I tried to make my entry 'tiles' arranged in the manner of a hatted Easter Island statue... with dubious results. Looks more like a toy " Weeble " ( " Weebles Wobble... but they don't fall down ! "... PlaySchool/Hasbro Toys ). I'll try centering the poem and see how it comes out in this posting. Nope, won't work... I'll try none breaking spaces strategically placed.

" Ben  "... a Haiku: The inspirational photo shows a young raccoon at night with a spotlight shinning on him/her while in the crook of a green sapling. My wife Gail had a pet Canadian raccoon named Ben ( or Benners, or sometimes Beeeeaaannnners ! ), who passed ( 5 ? ) years ago, that was very long lived for any raccoon, pet or wild, nearly ( 20 ) years old. I thought to use the word 'cite' ( brings up, make reference to, mention ) instead of 'sight'... because the sight of a raccoon evokes the memory of Benners... always, in Gail's mind... as well as the rest of the family's. Perhaps 'cites' better with a comma added before or use 'sight' after all. In retrospect... the poem is clumsy, albeit evocative. The final form yet to be decided for further posting... " Bandit fur ball pet / Gail's loving raccoon... sore missed / Heavenly Benners "... one thought.

Adiós !!!

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