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Thursday, March 11, 2004

" Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom. "

--Anatole France, French writer (ps. of J. A. Thibault) 1844-1924

... another: " The average man does not know what to do with this life, yet wants another one which will last forever. "... I think he's missing the point of why we're here on this earth in the first place.

Weather is breaking heat records... near 80° Fahrenheit ! David and I are able to play pitch, hit , and grunt. The grunt part is me dodging and shagging his hits. Spent some time with little Ashley, too, playing with her "sticker" book and dollies of late. The "sticker" book was given to her by "Mamu", my mother-in-law, and is full of self-sticking figures and items that are put in scenes elsewhere in the book... kinda' cool !

Anticipating a trip, soon, to the Temple in Oakland. It's always impressed me from afar how beautiful the Temple is. Now I'll have an insider's view !

Daughter Chrissy and her husband off the other night to a " Metallica " concert. Many years ago I took Chrissy to her first concert, " Metallica ", at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. She mostly wanted to go because her new boy-friend, now husband, went with his friends. My favorite part of the evening was stopping in Belmont/San Carlos on the El Camino at a place that served the best hot fudge sundaes in the world that I used to frequent in the '70's. The only music number at the concert that I really enjoyed was " Nothing Else Matters "... a link ! Actually quite moving. The structure of the song brings to my mind a baroque ballad or melody brought up to date in the best of ways.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

                         Ethereal Being

                   Awake I am

                   ... seemingly

                   Floating patiently

                   beyond time

                   A peace found

                   like no other

                   Heaven in sight

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-10-2004

                         Morceau Celestial

                   Of transcendental poetry

                   one composes

                   of love unpretentious

                   ... exquisitely fashioned

                   as a sculpture

                   conceived of a

                   suspension of glass...

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-11-2004

              Winter Tableau

        Powdered snow abounds

        the stream wending lazily

        through woodland dream-scape

        :Bobby Nichols 3-10-2004

              Desert Yearnings

        Fingers point skyward

        from cacti scapes long searching

        aching for rainfall

        :Bobby Nichols 3-11-2004

" Ethereal Being  "... Being: either verb or noun... bliss.

" Morceau Celestial  "... Morceau meaning a small work either literary or musical. I had thought to use 'Celesta' for 'Celestial'... but seems that a 'Celesta' is a musical instrument played by using a keyboard that in turn allows a series of metal plates to be 'hammered'. I had hoped to bias more toward the literary than the musical, but then it brought to mind that exquisite musical instrument that Benjamin Franklin invented... the Glass Armonica... a link !... truly ethereal musical-poetry as sculpted of a suspension of glass !!! If you try Franklin's " Virtual Armonica ", please be advised that it takes a while to load with dial-up. My apologies for the multitudinous number of "of"'s.

" Winter Tableau  "... a Haiku: Inspirational photo of a slow moving stream in the middle of a forest setting... the banks and trees and shrubs blanketed in snow. I like the word wending over winding... more poetic.

" Desert Yearnings  "... a Haiku: Photo of a number of cactuses/cacti with the shadows long under clear blue skies.

Well... I'm getting kinda' long winded... so better post this puppy... quick !

Vastomazonok !!!

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