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Thursday, March 18, 2004

" Thoughts are but dreams till their effects are tried. "

--William Shakespeare

... and some more of my favorites by Shakespeare: " The object of art is to give life a shape. "... and ... " How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world. "

Weighed myself the other day... on the only scale here abouts that can at the health clinic in Georgetown ( CA ). Down to a svelte 160... kilos. O.K. I cheated ! Still about 352 lbs. ( avoirdupois ). Still... I thought I had done worse over the winter months. Time to retire the baked potato again.

Picked up (3) pairs of shoes at the thrift stores for less than $9 USD... (2) dress and (1) athletic. However I commissioned to have the nicer pair of dress shoes for a bit of re-pair for about $17 USD. The pair of dress shoes I had before is no longer a pair... but a single.

Groan !!! Gail and I took (2) of (3) kittens in for neutering/spaying from a litter a while back for $25 USD for the two. We recently discovered another litter of two(?) by a cat, "Spooky", who Gail and I thought not only was male... but was already 'fixed'. Spooky indeed ! HELP !!!

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

                         Love Blossoms

                   Silent float

                   the cherry blossoms

                   softly on

                   lovers clinging

                   Their souls

                   a oneness together

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-17-2004


                   Follow the Son

                   Heaven our reward

                   All of us

                   Peace... Love

                   His will be done

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-18-2004


        Tidal ejecta

        strews shore... washed of gentle waves

        Driftwood bleached sun-kissed

        :Bobby Nichols 3-17-2004


        D' bass dey hide now

        leav'n dem d' shallows be

        nite-time he'ya soon

        :Bobby Nichols 3-18-2004

" Love Blossoms  "... Cherry blossoms as Love blossoms... or Love blossoms for the lovers... or ...

" Tenet  "... My best attempt at a definition: a religious belief that is held true based on faith.

" Shoreline  "... a Haiku: a shoreline... sigh !

" Sundow'n  "... a Haiku: I thought to have a bit of fun with this piece. The photo for inspiration was simply a lake setting with a shoreline of trees off in the distance... with clouded sky at dusk.

Laso lok je ge !!!

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